Public PGP keys for email encryption

I've set up email encryption with PGP.

I have used the key BC7036938C2E0437 (short Id 0x8C2E0437) with the following full fingerprint for a long time, but this key expires on April 7, 2020:

8201 F3D9 BB05 D6F4 0924 81BF BC70 3693 8C2E 0437

To avoid the need to re-validate new keys, I've now set up a new key 121819BE0BAD3EB0 (short Id 0x0BAD3EB0). This one doesn't expire, as I only use subkeys of it. The full fingerprint of the new key is:

68AF 3A9B 5D8C EFDA 5D6A 843D 1218 19BE 0BAD 3EB0